"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7-11)

The above verse offers encouragement that truth does exist, and not only does it exists, but it can and will be found by those who honestly seek after it. This site is dedicated to this quest. We hope it will help you in your personal Search of Truth.

God’s Plan of Salvation

At the center of who we are is our commitment to be Christians.  This section examines the Bible's instructions for salvation.  It also considers commonly asked questions about salvation such as, "Is baptism essential?".  However, these articles assume faith in God and the Bible as His Word for us today, which is covered in other areas.

The Revealed Nature of God

"What is God like?" "Why should I care what He thinks?" Understanding our Creator and growing closer to Him is one of the primal instincts of any truthseeker. These questions and many related are considered in these articles.

Unity and Fellowship

One need not look very far to see that the religious world is full of variation. Some might even call it division. Is the division real, or just apparent? Is God pleased with this division? Should we be concerned? How should we feel, and what should we do about this? What is our responsibility to engage our fellow believer, work out our differences, and even rebuke sin? The following articles examine these topics.

Correcting Calvinism

Few doctrines have influenced and shaped more modern denominations than Calvinism. Known after its most successful proponent, John Calvin, these doctrines outline a system of justification, faith, salvation, and works that detail the most fundamental aspects of both God and man's nature. Central to these beliefs is God’s predestination of man's fate, man's lack of free will, man's uncontrollable tendency to sin, God’s arbitrary selection of people to be saved, and God’s irresistible and irreversible conversion of the saved. Because of its far-reaching influence and assaults on God’s character, these doctrines demand study by all people.

Evidences for God and the Bible

This collection of articles considers the most fundamental issues to searching out truth.  It deals with questions such as, "How do I know there is a God?", "How do I know the Bible has not been corrupted over time?", and "Does the Bible allow for other outside books from God?".

Studying the Bible and Determining Right from Wrong

Understanding this topic becomes a foundation upon which we base all of interpretation of God’s Word.  If we do not interpret the Bible as God intended and instructed, then we will make erroneous conclusions.

Christian Morality and Virtues

Being a Christian is much more than going to church services and participating in worship services. The moral values of a Christian dictates how he treats other people and God - outside of worship services, as well as inside them.

The New Testament Pattern for a Local Church

Once we become a Christian, then we must consider how God wants us to live after our conversion.  Part of this involves attending and working with a local church.  This section investigates the nature of a church that is following God’s pattern found in the Bible.

The Days of Creation

This article provided by Bob Waldron examines the question of the "days of creation". It is intended to be used in parallel with a two-part Bible Audio Lesson that includes more commentary.

In an effort to reconcile the Bible account of creation with modern theories of evolution, it has been proposed that the "days" of Genesis are separated by eons or symbolize eons of years, allowing room for the billions of years required for evolution. Theistic evolution theories that blend belief in God and evolution are considered in this outline along with related Bible Audio Lessons. Brief reference is made of a proponent of this doctrine, local to the speaker.

Personal Exhortation

This sections offers a miscellaneous collection of articles that are most applicable to our personal lives as Christians.  These articles provide Biblically based reproofs from God’s Word as well as Scriptural encouragement and exhortation.


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