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Establishing Biblical Authority


"What is meant by Bible authority?"  Bible authority refers to the process of determining which things are right and wrong, as justified or authorized by the Bible.  In this series of studies, we try to form the proper way of studying, interpreting, and establishing authority from the Bible.  This of course assumes that one believes that the Bible is the Word of God.  If you are not convinced of this, then you may want to examine both the external evidences and the internal claims of the Bible to be God’s Word. 

The topic of Biblical authority is the one of the most fundamental issues to properly understanding God’s Word.  It is necessary for accurately dividing, or discerning, good from evil and authorized instructions from rebellion. It is only by establishing God’s authorization that any action can be justified (Colossians 3:17). It is often said that the Bible is its own best commentary. With this in mind let us look through the pages of the Bible to determine how we can use and interpret it to establish right from wrong.

Outline of Study

We will divide our study up into five sections.  Each of these will be directed to questions that are related to this broad topic.  We hope that these articles will helpful in your search for  answers.  The topics of study are:

  1. The Bible Claim as the Only Authority - If you have not already examined the internal claims of the Bible, you may want to study the claims that the Bible makes for itself.  It says that it is God’s message, penned by His apostles and prophets.  It speaks of itself as a unified, completed, preserved revelation from God.  Any additions, latter revelations are strictly warned against by the Bible.  If they do exist in truth, then the Bible is false.

  2. "Do All Things According to the Pattern" - A sense of apathy has invaded the hearts of many men, maybe even our own.  We all may feel at times, that God may not care how closely we are following His Will.  This lack of respect and fear of God’s will, word, and wrath has caused many to disregard God’s way.  This has greatly effected many people's final decision on topics such as God’s plan of salvation, His organization and work that He gave the church, as well as other Bible doctrines.  In this article we will investigate the Scripture on just how strictly God expects us to keep the pattern, which He gave us for our life and His church.

  3. The Old and New Testaments - Understanding the difference between the Old and New Testaments is one of the most important foundations that must be laid to properly understand God’s Word.  Failing to realize the Bible's teaching on this matter can lead to countless erroneous conclusions, possibly costing one's own soul.  This study examines the difference between the Old and New Testament and how this difference affects our endeavor to establish Biblical authority for all things.

  4. "Do All in the Name of the Lord"  - Once we have been motivated to seek God’s pattern and follow it closely, then we must search out how God expects us to determine His will from the Bible.  Initially equipped with our common sense, we examine Biblical examples of Jesus and His apostles using Scripture.  From their examples, we try to determine ways of establishing God’s pattern.  This article describes the actual process of establishing Biblical authority.

  5. Differentiating between General and Specific Authority  - Failure to understand the difference between general and specific authority can also lead to mass confusion and complete abandonment of this endeavor.  Understanding this difference is key to successfully determining authority for all things.  It is the final piece to this part of our search.  Once it is completed, we will be properly equipped to pouring over the pages of God’s will and solving many complex questions that would have otherwise remained unanswered.


We hope that you have enjoyed examining the many scriptures that were found in each of these articles about properly interpreting the Bible.  And, we hope that they will be beneficial to you and your search for truth.  If you are not comfortable with some of the conclusions that are found here, or on any other portion of this website, please question anyone in our contact directory.  However, if you agree with most of what's found here, then we would encourage you to continue your search by using your tools of study to establish God’s pattern on how we can be saved.

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